How Digital Identity Verification can Make Your Travel Smoother

Travelling can be a fussy experience during the vacationing season but still worth the effort. Long check-in counters at the airport and in hotels can be frustrating. To make matters worse, the increasing scams and frauds have troubled every industry, but travel more than others. As crime like identity theft and credit card fraud is increasing, the travel industry fights to protect its customers and implement some fraud prevention measures. However, outdated and manual verification methods are increasingly becoming ineffective as fraudsters take advantage of ever-progressing technology. Digital customer verifications are something that can make detecting and preventing fraud a lot easier as well as faster. The Rise of Digitisation in Travel The digitisation of processes has made travel a relatively easier. The millennial generation, in particular, prefers to book their trips online. Everything from flight bookings to hotel reservations to booking a car rental service can now be done through online travel websites. They even offer to plan the whole trip for tourists including arranging commute and tickets to all famous tourist attractions. This digitisation has been brought on about by the increasing functionality of smartphones and the fact that people now go for mobile booking channels more often as they are more accessible and user-friendly. It is estimated that in 2019 nearly 46% of travel bookings in the US will be done via mobile phones. Although online booking procedures have made travelling more efficient, it also increases the possibility of fraud. Online fraud can come in many different shapes and sizes. Both travellers, as well as travel companies, can fall for online scammers. There are a number of travel websites that can be found on the internet. Many of them are running a legitimate business but others tend to be malicious in search for unwitting users to scam. On the other hand, a lot of identity thieves also tend to use stolen IDs and credit cards for travel benefits. How is Digital Identity Verification the Answer? The same technology and skills used by fraudsters can be used by businesses to fight fraud. Digital identity verification is one of the simplest methods that can be used by every business in the travel industry including online travel agency, airline staff at airports and even at hotel desks. As credit card fraud is increasing, it is can be hard for businesses to discern fraudsters from real tourists. Online user verification methods make this task easier. Such systems use AI and machine learning protocols to identify customers. All a website or the check-in staff has to do is scan a customer’s ID document(s) and the software takes care of the rest. After validating the document, they can also perform real-time facial recognition of users to further authenticate their identity to make sure they are using their own credentials. The digital method of identity verification is faster than manual identification methods. They can make travel a smooth experience for travellers by reducing check-in times by half. They are also more secure and accurate. But perhaps the best feature is the fact that they are able to catch fraudsters and thieves in real-time before they can cause any real damage.

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How to Apply for UAE visa

Applying through Fast Track Fast Track is simple and easy with minimum documents and least time taking procedure. We are listing way through which you can apply for UAE VIsa 1. Fill up our simple online visa application form asking for your name, nationality, primary contact address, travel date etc. 2. Submit clear scanned documents relevant for visa processing(Upload it) 3. Make payment through our secured gateway using a credit card Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us via email at or simply call us with your requirements and our representatives will take care of everything for you. For alternate payment methods, you can use bank transfer, PayPal or cash deposit to enjoy all our services. Once your application is submitted, it is reviewed initially by our expert panel, and in case necessary, we’ll request you to make changes to amend the application ideal with additional information. Please keep additional details such as airline ticket, guarantor’s documents, or voucher indicating hotel booking ready with you. If all the steps are duly followed, we promise to get your visa submitted and processed in the least time

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Who are Fast Track Tourism

Fast Track Tourism is a leading Travel company in middle east and one of the reputed travel agency in Abu Dhabi. Our main client base comes from Philippines and we are one of the best kabayan partner when it comes to travelling. We have been delivering service in Middle east to our consumers since 2015 and famous for honest and transparent business that we do with our consumers.  From the day you stat dreaming about your next holiday to when you return with stories to share with friend. Fast Track travel and Tourism got you covered for any problem that might occur.

Fast Track Tourism is a pioneer in the UAE online travel industry. Founded in 2015, its mission is to make travel easy and convenient by providing comprehensive choices and instant booking. offers a range of best-value products and services – including Flights, Hotels, Holiday Packages, Activity tickets along with dedicated round-the-clock customer support.

Fast Track Travel and Tourism has gained experience in providing tours to Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and few more countries. The company’s unconventional marketing has helped it expand to a branch in a Mall where customers can come and get in touch with one of our customer service executive

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